Glenbrook South High School
Class of 1997

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Freshman Year 1993 - 1994

GBS Key Club Calendar with Pictures 1993-1994 (PDF)
Freshman Survival Guide (PDF)
Homecoming Program - Under the Big Top (PDF)
LASSO Handbook (PDF)
GBS School MAP (JPG)
GBS Alma Mater (JPG)
GBS Hall Pass (JPG)
GBS MOD Schedule (JPG)
Fall Play Program - Miracle Worker (PDF)
Calliope Spring 1994 (PDF)
1993-1994 Video Yearbook (Apple Quicktime)
1993-1994 Video Yearbook (Windows Media)
Variety Show Program - Take a Chance (PDF)


Sophomore Year 1994 - 1995

GBS Key Club Calendar with Pictures 1994-1995 (PDF)
Fall Play Program - Ordinary People (PDF)
Calliope 1 1994-1995 (PDF)
Calliope 2 1994-1995 (PDF)
Musical Program - Anything Goes ( PDF)
Variety Show Program - DreamScape (PDF)
Variety Show - DreamScape (Apple Quicktime)
Variety Show - DreamScape (Windows Media)


Junior Year 1995-1996

GBS Key Club Calendar with Pictures 1995-1996 (PDF)
Fall Play Program - One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest (PDF)
Homecoming Program - South on Safari (PDF)
Calliope Spring 1996 (PDF)
Spring Play Program - Brighton Beach Memoirs (PDF)
Variety Show Program- Time (PDF)
Variety Show - Time (Apple Quicktime)
Variety Show - Time (Windows Media)
Oracle Volume 34 Issue 2 10-13-1995 (PDF)
Oracle Volume 34 Issue 3 10-13-1995 (PDF)
Oracle Volume 34 Issue 4 12-15-1995 (PDF)
Oracle Volume 34 Issue 6 02-23-1996 (PDF)
Oracle Volume 34 Issue 7 03-21-1996 (PDF)
Oracle Volume 34 Issue 8 04-26-1996 (PDF)
Oracle Volume 34 Issue 9 05-24-1996 (PDF)


Senior Year 1996-1997

GBS Key Club Calendar with Pictures 1996-1997 (PDF)
Homecoming Program - Haunted Homecoming (PDF)
Commencement Program (PDF)
Senior Wills and Memories (PDF)
Senior Shirt (JPG)
Channel Zero Issue #2 (PDF)
Channel Zero Issue #3 (PDF)
Channel Zero Issue #5 (PDF)
Calliope Winter 1996 (PDF)
Calliope Spring 1997 (PDF)
Oracle Volume 35 Issue 1 08-30-1996 (PDF)
Oracle Volume 35 Issue 2 10-11-1996 (PDF)
Oracle Volume 35 Issue 3 11-08-1996 (PDF)
Oracle Volume 35 Issue 4 12-13-1996 (PDF)
Oracle Volume 35 Issue 5 01-17-1997 (PDF)
Oracle Volume 35 Issue 6 02-21-1997 (PDF)
Oracle Volume 35 Issue 7 03-21-1997 (PDF)
Oracle Volume 35 Issue 8 04-25-1997 (PDF)
Oracle Volume 35 Issue 9 05-23-1997 Senior Issue (PDF)
Honors and Awards Program (PDF)
Musical Program - Joseph (PDF)
Musical - Joseph (Apple Quicktime)
Musical - Joseph (Windows Media)
Variety Show Program - Common Threads (PDF)
Variety Show - Common Threads (Apple Quicktime)
Variety Show - Common Threads (Windows Media)
1996-1997 Video Yearbook (Apple Quicktime)
1996-1997 Video Yearbook (Windows Media)

*All Key Club Directories available but not shared.
Please contact Mike Lee if you have anything missing or don't see that might be fun to share.

-Oracle from freshman or sophomore year, issue 1 and 5 from junior year
-Freshman year Take a Chance V-show
-Homecoming program sophomore year
-Various musicals/plays and their programs
-Video yearbooks from sophomore and junior year
-Callope from Fall 1995 and Fall 1993, and I was unable to identify the 94-95 ones
-Channel Zero issue 1, 4 and maybe more?
-Sporting events, concerts, band, clubs, other performances, etc